Presentation of the Foundation

In my dreams I entered a museum where I met Jenő Buzánszky and Gyula Grosics.

Immediately after waking up, I wrote down every little piece and details of my dream.

I shared my experience with my family and my closest friends. Then I hurried to find out whether such a museum exists or not in Hungary.

Everyone was impressed by my idea. The reactions obviously reinforced my conviction, my good intentions and feelings that such a prestigiuos thing is definitely needed in Hungary.

I tried to realize my dream as soon as possible, to establish that museum which would be a perfect place to commemorate the biggest players and teams of the Hungarian football history. That would be a place worth visiting.

This Foundation was established to take care of the memory of those who – irrespectively of age, sex or political attitude – made their impact on the Hungarian football globe. We have to remember our legends who might be the role models for the future generations.


Gyula, 28 March 2011


Best regards,

Kolláth József,

The Founder